To get the idea. Your documents, your annual business report or your new brochure has just been finished succesfully with regards to contents. What you now “just” need is a winning concept to transfer your hard earned facts into a convincing presentation. Let’s make no mistake, content without design is lost content. Since more than 30 years I’m helping my clients to get their content on the “right track”. You want to go ahead quickly, want to see your valued work in a simply beautiful layout, and you need a reliable partner to get that job done without forfeiting quality even when the time is pressing? If all of that is true let’s get in touch.

My strength starts with knowing who or what I am not: A full service agency. This term has been misused by too many small design agencies. I’m running a small flexible company and preferably work for advertising agencies or companies with a department for public relations. I also work for professional publishers of specialized books. I am good in understanding my clients’ concerns. This can be following an existing  corporate design or delevoping a new look for your company. You can always expect an individual and attracting solution. In everything I do continuity and reliability are of the same significance as creativity. For example during the last ten years I have designed more than 1,600 pages for a German TV magazine (TV Digital). We never missed a closing date and the graphical result always has been beautiful.

It’s very simple. You can count on me as a reliable and creative business partner.

Heinrich Buttler

From 1987 to 1990
Education as a
Graphic Designer
in Berlin, Germany

1992 Software Coach for
Gruner & Jahr in Berlin
and Cologne

since 1993 working
as a freelancer in the field
of Graphic Design

since 2010 working
additionally as photographer

since 2010
running my own office in
Bonn, Germany

since October 2022
addotional office in
Hirschberg, Baden Württemberg